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In order to have a successful experience when collecting an oral fluid drug test sample two separate events must take place simultaneously the first is the collection of the sample using the oral ease collection device the second is completion of the oral fluid custody and control form which ensures the legal integrity and validity of the collected sample in this lesson you will learn the necessary procedures to properly complete a quest diagnostics oral fluid drug testing custody and control form step 1 for fields a and B as the collector you should verify that the form contains the pre-printed employer and MRO information if any information is missing from this field please contact the designated employer representative or the quest Diagnostics National Customer Support Center at eight hundred eight seven seven seven four eight four for assistance next in field C obtain the donor social security number or employee ID number it may be pre marked when the donor arrives if the donor refuses to provide his or her social security or employee ID number note the following comment on the remarks line of step two is to give social security number or employee ID number then continue with the collection procedure in field D clearly print the donors full name in field E confirm the donors form of identification then mark the applicable box a photo ID is sufficient as is an employer representative if they were present and can confirm the donors identity at the time of collection this alternative specimen drug testing custody and control form may be used for either hair or oral fluid collections but on this particular form under field F you will mark oral under field G mark the option that best describes the reason for the test being performed under field h select the drug test panel that will be performed there may be multiple pre-printed test panels also referred to as test codes depending on the employer's requirements these test panels must be clearly marked by placing a check mark or X in the parenthesis to the left of the printed test panel under field I fill in the collection site information including the site name address city state and zip code you will only complete the collection site code box if the collection is being performed at a quest Diagnostics patient service and preferred or third-party collection site be sure to provide all contact information including the phone and fax numbers step two on the next section of the forum you'll describe the type of specimen being collected if you're performing a typical single specimen collection ensure that the single box is marked fill in the remark section if anything out of the ordinary occurs during the time of the collection like the donor refusing to provide their social security number step 3 select one of the two long specimen seals from the bottom of the custody and control form while the seals on your form may be slightly different from the example shown the process of sealing the collection...